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Top 10 food 3D printers

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The idea of ​​3D printing food has thrilled the minds of many inventors, and now this technology will make the process easy, or at least more bizarre. According to Star Trek, 3D printing will be the only way to cook in 2,000 years. So, to get an idea of ​​the near future of food, we suggest you look at ten different machines that print food.

ChefJet Printer from 3D Systems

The ChefJet 3D premiered at CES in January 2014. The 3D printer produces some of the most delightful 3D prints out there, and they taste as good as they look. ChefJet was originally developed by a small firm, Lab Sugar, which was founded by a married couple of architects, Kyle and Liz von Hasseln.

To satisfy their sweet tooth, 3D Systems acquired a start-up and re-branded the company, emphasizing that this 3D printer is an ideal tool for restaurateurs, professional chefs. It is also a must for consumers who want to 3D print goodies in beautiful and decorative forms that are even a pity to eat. ChefJet comes in two versions - standard and professional, which allows printing in color. What's more, ChefJet uses almost any flavor for printing that a modern food laboratory can create.

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