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China to start mass production of 3D printed houses

#SIU_news 2015-03-13 00:00:00

An exhibition of residential buildings created with a 3D printer has opened in an industrial park in China's Jiangsu province. One of the buildings is five stories high, according to The Daily Mail.

The houses are created with a printer that can produce objects 6.4 meters high, 9.75 meters wide and 152.4 meters long. A mixture of secondary construction waste, glass, steel and cement is used as the printing material. This "ink" is applied layer by layer until the wall of the house reaches the specified thickness.

The first such objects were created in March 2014 by Shanghai WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. Using a giant printer, she made ten identical concrete buildings. Each building was worth 3.1 thousand pounds. Among the specimens presented at the exhibition, the smallest are sold for about 100 thousand pounds. Despite the cost, the company has already received hundreds of orders to "print" houses, including from the Egyptian government. Winsun CEO Ma Yi He explained that one such house is made in a day.

According to him, with such a construction, the waste can be recycled again. He is confident that the construction sites of the future will be much quieter, cleaner and more pleasing to the eye.

Would you like to print your own home? New technology for such production is now available in China.

A company from the Middle Kingdom promises to build houses worth only a few thousand dollars using 3D printing. The giant printer created for this purpose is over 6 meters high and 150 meters long. The company plans to go global by opening factories in 20 countries of the planet.

The head of Winsun New Energy told RT about this revolutionary idea: “The main advantage of 3D printing houses is to make the construction process faster and more affordable. With this method of building one-story houses, less waste is left. But we can also reuse them. Our homes will be durable, safe and environmentally friendly. We plan to develop both on the external and internal markets. This year, we would like to build 15 factories abroad and 20 in China. ”

Sources: lenta.ru and russian.rt.com

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