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Spare parts for furniture from IKEA on a 3D printer

#SIU_for_life 2016-02-08 00:00:00

IKEA believes 3D printing is the key to a secure future. Use your favorite furniture for longer - 3D printing can help you.
We've all been to IKEA at least once, their furniture is affordable, modern and popular. Now the Swedish manufacturing company is also running special promotions for its customers.
One of such projects was “Second Life for Furniture”, the buyer could exchange his old furniture for a commodity loan, and the campaign “Vending machine in reverse” was also carried out - this device worked as a collection point for old light bulbs, in return it gave out coupons for free coffee. In one of their latest projects, 3D printing!
Printed IKEA Furniture Parts make your furniture even better!
Steve Howard, IKEA's chief sustainability officer, believes that buyers would rather 3D print their IKEA furniture parts than throw them away. In the near future, it will be possible to quickly manufacture and dispatch small parts on request. It sounds like something very futuristic, but Steve Howard is convinced that this will happen within the next 10 years.
In plans to extend the life of the furniture, instead of the buyers being bored with the furniture or it is no longer relevant, IKEA wants the furniture to “grow” with the client. Furniture can change its purpose. In all likelihood, this means creating furniture with the aim of repurposing it over time.
IKEA encourages users to come up with new uses and functions for IKEA furniture using a 3D printer.

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