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Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

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    Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

    A gas sintering furnace is used for vacuum sintering and sintering of Sic, Si3N4 and ceramic products under pressure. 


    1. This horizontal sintering furnace is equipped with a heating zone and a specially designed heating element to ensure good temperature uniformity. 
    2. It is a completely sealed muffle furnace to completely remove the binder and prevent contamination of the internal components. 
    3. The gas pressure sintering furnace has the functions of slow sintering in vacuum, sintering under positive pressure, sintering in medium vacuum, sintering under pressure, removing the binder under negative pressure and removing the binder under positive pressure. 
    4.  Advanced thermal insulation materials are used to provide insulation. 
    5. The horizontal sintering furnace is equipped with a touch screen and PLC. 
    6.  Equipment safety is ensured thanks to the alarm functions at overpressure and overheating of the furnace, mechanical automatic protection against overpressure and blocking. 
    7. The gas pressure sintering furnace has the functions of remote control, remote fault diagnosis and remote software update.

    Options for accessories for a horizontal sintering furnace

    1.  Furnace doors: automatic ring shutter. 
    2. Kiln heating zone: fully rigid composite carbon felt / hard composite carbon felt + carbon fiber composite material. 
    3. Heating element: isostatic extruded graphite / extruded highly refined, high strength and high density graphite / carbon fiber composite. 
    4. Process gas regulation: high pressure valve; manual valve / automatic valve / imported / Chinese made. 
    5. Vacuum pump and sensor: imported / Chinese. 
    6. PLC: OMRON / Siemens. 
    7. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM. 
    8. Thermocouple: Type C (tungsten / molybdenum / ceramic). 
    9. Registrar: paperless / paper, imported / Chinese. 
    10. Electrical Elements: CHINT / Schneider / Siemens. 
    11. Loading trolley: roller / fork.

    Technical Parameters of Gas Pressure Sintering Furnaces

    Models and ParametersPSF-323212PSF-050513PSF-050518
    Work Area Size (W × H × D) (mm) Φ320×320×1200  Φ500×500×1300  Φ500×500×1800 
    Max. temperature (° C)     1800     1800     1800
    Temperature uniformity in vacuum (° C)      ±5      ±5      ±5
    Pressure uniformity (° C)     ±7.5     ±10     ±10
    Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)     2     2     2
    Pressure increase rate (Pa / h)     0.67     0.67     0.67
    Working pressure (bar)     20/60/100     20/60/100     20/60/100
    Process gas     Ar/N2     Ar/N2     Ar/N2
    The above-mentioned characteristics can be changed according to the technological requirements of the customer, they are not standards for acceptance, detailed characteristics will be confirmed in the technical proposal and contract.


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