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Automatic High Temperature Furnace

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    Automatic High Temperature Graphitization / Sintering / Cementing Furnace 

    Purpose of an automatic carbonization furnace 
    The furnace is intended for carbonization of tungsten powder, reduction of metal powders, and also for sintering of copper-tungsten alloys (Cu and W), alloys of high specific gravities (W and Mo). 

    Technical Features of Automatic Carbonization Furnace 

    1. The special arrangement of molybdenum heaters, high temperature, its durability. 
    2. Intermediate loading and unloading, with good tightness, low gas consumption. 
    3. Option of a fully automatic loading, pusher and crucible unloading system, stable product quality, low labor intensity 
    4. The automatic carbonization furnace has the functions of remote control, fault diagnosis and software update. 

    Accessories Options 

    1. Oven body: alumina brick / Aluminosilicate felt / ceramic felt 
    2. Automatic Carbonization Furnace Heater: High Temperature Mo and La Alloy 
    3. Muffle: ceramic-alumina 
    4. Pneumatic control: volumetric flow meter; manual / automatic valve, imported / Chinese brand 
    5. Control Panel: Analog Screen / Touch Screen / Industrial Computer 
    6. PLC automatic carbonization furnace: OMRON / SIEMENS 
    7. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
    8. Thermocouple: C type (with tungsten / molybdenum / ceramic case)
    9. Registrar: paperless / paper; imported / Chinese brand 
    10. Electrical Elements: CHINT / SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS


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