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Horizontal chemical precipitation furnace

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    Horizontal chemical vapor deposition furnace (CVD / CGO for C deposition)


    The chemical vapor deposition furnace (carbon deposition) is designed for the isothermal treatment of CVD / CVI on the surface of carbon materials or their substrates using a hydrocarbon gas method (for example, C3H8 and others) as a carbon source.

    Technical Features of Vacuum Laboratory Ovens

    1.  The size of the working zone of the furnace can reach 2.5 m × 2.5 m × 5 m, it allows CVD processing of large parts. 
    2.  Uses several separate temperature control zones, with good temperature uniformity. 
    3. There is a special deposition chamber with high tightness and protection against pollution. 
    4. Several gas deposition channels are used, without stagnant zones, with a good deposition effect. 
    5. The chemical vapor deposition furnace has the function of removing tar, ash, dust, particulate matter and organic gases released during the deposition process

    Accessories Options

    1. Oven doors: manual locking / automatic ring shutter. 
    2. Oven body: full carbon steel / inner stainless steel / full stainless steel 
    3.  Vacuum Laboratory Furnace Chamber: Soft Carbon Felt / Soft Graphite Felt / Hard Composite Felt / CFC 
    4. Heater, muffle: HIP extruded graphite / extruded graphite of high purity, high strength and high density / small size graphite 
    5. Pneumatic system: volumetric flow meter / mass flow meter, manual / automatic valve, imported / Chinese brand 
    6.  Vacuum pump and vacuum gauge: imported / Chinese brand 
    7.  HMI: analog screen / touch screen / industrial computer 
    9. Temperature controller for chemical vapor deposition furnace: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
    10. Thermocouple: C type / S type / K type / N type 
    11. Registrar: paperless / paper; imported / Chinese brand 
    12. Electrical Elements: CHINT / SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS 
    13. Trolley: roller loader / forklift / folding design

    Models and parameters of vacuum laboratory furnaces

    Models / ParametersHCVD -060609-CHCVD -080812-CHCVD -101015-CHCVD -121225-CHCVD -151530-C
    The size of the working area W × H × D (mm) Φ600×600×900  Φ800×800×1200  Φ1000×1000×1500  Φ1200×200×2500  Φ1500×1500×3000 
     Max. temperature (℃) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
    Temperature uniformity (℃)    ±7.5 ±7.5 ±7.5 ±7.5 ±7.5
    Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)     50 50 50 50 50
    Pressure increase rate (Pa / h) 
     0.67 0.67      0.67      0.67      0.67
    These characteristics can be changed according to the technological requirements of the customer, they are not standards for acceptance, detailed characteristics will be confirmed in the technical proposal and contract.


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