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High Temperature Rotary Firing/Recovery Furnace

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    High Temperature Rotary Firing/Recovery Furnace


    A rotary rotary kiln is designed for calcining metal salts and reducing metal oxides. For example, calcination APT, restoration of blue tungsten.

    Technical Features of Drum Rotary Kiln

    1. Rotating kiln tube with good fluidity of powders. 
    2. The patented ACME technology is used for the loading and unloading system, with good tightness, low gas consumption. It allows for hydrogen recirculation. 
    3. It allows for fully automatic loading and unloading, consistently high-quality products, low labor intensity. 
    4. The rotary rotary kiln has the functions of remote control, diagnostics of emergency failures and software updates.

    Accessories Options

    1. Oven body: Aluminosilicate fiber / Alumina ceramic fiber 
    2. Rotary kiln heater: 0Cr21Al6Nb; 0Cr27Al7Mo2 
    3. Furnace Pipe Material: SUS304 / SUS310S / RA330 / RA600 
    4. Seal Type: Seal Fill / Graphite + Metal Seals 
    5. Download Type: Vacuum Auto Absorption / Vibratory Feed / Manual Download 
    6. Control Panel: Analog Screen / Touch Screen / Industrial Computer 
    7. PLC rotary kiln: OMRON / SIEMENS 
    8. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
    9. Thermocouple: C type / S type / N type 
    10. Registrar: paperless / paper / import / Chinese brand 
    11. Electrical Elements: CHINT / SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS

    Models and parameters of a rotary kiln 

    Specifications/ModelRF-400-4(G) RF-600-5(G) RF-800-6(G)
    Pipe diameter (mm)     400     600     800
    Hot zone     4     5     6
    The length of the heating chamber (mm)     5600     6500     8000
    Max. temperature (° C)     1050     1050     1050
    Temperature uniformity (° C)     ±5     ±5     ±5
    Heating method

    Electricity / Natural Gas

    Working gas     Ar/N2/H2/NH3
    Size L × W × H (mm) 12000×4000×4000  14000×5000×4500  16500×5500×4500 
    All of the above data can be changed, depending on the production process, this is a detailed specification, not standardized data. It all depends on the technical specifications and requirements for the production process.


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