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Vertical chemical precipitation furnace

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    Vertical chemical vapor deposition furnace (CVD / CGO for SiC deposition)


    A vertical CVD tube furnace is a chemical vapor deposition furnace (carborundum precipitation) designed to produce corrosion-resistant coatings on the surface of carbon materials or to improve the properties of their substrates by the trichloronosilane method (MTS) as a gas source.

    Technical features of vertical CVD furnaces

    1. Using the most advanced control technology, it is possible to precisely control the flow and pressure of trichloronosilane (MTS), the deposition flow is stable and the pressure fluctuates in a narrow range. 
    2. It has a special deposition chamber with high tightness and protection against pollution. 
    3. It uses several channels of gas deposition, without stagnant zones, with a good deposition effect. 
    4. The vertical CVD tube furnace has the function of removing corrosive exhaust gases, combustible and explosive gases, solid dust and low melting sticky materials during the deposition process. 
    5. Using the latest design of corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps, increasing their survivability and reducing maintenance time

    Accessories Options

    1. Oven doors: screw lift / hydraulic lift / manual lift; manual locking / automatic ring shutter 
    2. Oven body: full carbon steel / inner stainless steel / full stainless steel 
    3. CVD Vertical Furnace Chamber: Soft Carbon Felt / Soft Graphite Felt / Hard Composite Felt / CFC 
    4. Heater, muffle: HIP extruded graphite / extruded graphite of high purity, high strength and high density / small size graphite 
    5. Pneumatic system: volumetric flow meter / mass flow meter, manual / automatic valve, imported / Chinese brand 
    6. Vacuum pump and vacuum gauge: imported / Chinese brand 
    8. CVD Vertical Tube Furnace Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
    9. Thermocouple: C type / S type / K type / N type 
    10. Registrar: paperless / paper; imported / Chinese brand 
    11. HMI (interface): analog screen / touch screen / industrial computer 
    12.  Electrical Elements: CHINT / SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS

    Models and parameters of vertical furnaces for CVD


    Models / ParametersVCVD-0305-SIC VCVD-0608- SICVCVD-0812- SIC VCVD-1015-SICVCVD-1120- SIC
     VCVD-1520- SIC
    The size of the working area L × V (mm)Φ300×500  Φ600×800 Φ800×1200 Φ1000×1500 Φ1100×2000  Φ1500×2000 
    Max. temperature (℃)    1500     1500      1500      1500    1500       1500 
    Temperature uniformity (℃)      ±5    ±5       ±7.5     ±7.5       ±10     ±10
    Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)     50     50     50     50     50     50
     Pressure increase rate (Pa / h)     0.67     0.67     0.67     0.67     0.67     0.67
    The above-mentioned characteristics can be changed according to the technological requirements of the customer, they are not standards for acceptance, detailed characteristics will be confirmed in the technical proposal and contract.



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