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Vertical two-chamber furnace

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    Vertical two-chamber vacuum furnace for quenching products in oil with gas cooling


    The vertical two-chamber vacuum furnace is designed for oil-hardening of products from alloy structural steel, high-speed steel, heavy-duty steel, M300 steel, in particular, for hardening under rods, panels, long shafts, aircraft landing gear and similar parts that are easily deformable in heat treatment. cooling allows to minimize the supply of long parts, improving the quality properties of the structure.

    Technical features of a vertical vacuum hardening furnace

    1. Vertical two-chamber design, the customer can choose a vertical movable structure and location in accordance with their requirements. 
    2. Modular optimized furnace chamber design with good temperature uniformity. 
    3. Adjustment of the speed of the charge in linear motion in the mode “slow-fast-slow”. Stable, reliable and short travel time. 
    4. Blowing off shielding gas during quenching in an oil environment to minimize evaporation of oil vapor and accelerate cooling 
    5. The vertical two-chamber vacuum furnace is equipped with a large capacity oil tank, the hot oil is cooled by an external circulation pump and a heat exchanger for better cooling. 
    6. Two types of oil cooling: paddle mixing and spray nozzles, are used for various sizes of parts. Minimizes long details 
    7. Suitable for oil quenching of long rods for aircraft made of M300 material with high performance and high level of automation

    Accessories Options

    Vertical two-chamber design: integral type / movable heating chamber / movable oil tank.

    1. Type of oil mixing: paddle mixing / nozzles / paddle mixing and nozzles 
    2. Chamber of a vertical vacuum furnace for quenching: Of graphite heaters and reflective screens of graphite composite felt for thermal insulation 
    3. From nickel-chrome alloy heaters and stainless steel reflective screens for thermal insulation 
    4. From molybdenum heaters and reflective metal screens for thermal insulation 
    5. Vacuum pump and vacuum gauge: imported / Chinese quality brand 
    6.  Vacuum: high vacuum / medium vacuum 
    7. PLC: Siemens / Omron / Mitsubishi 
    8. Temperature controller of a vertical two-chamber vacuum furnace: Shimaden / Eurotherm / Honeywell 
    9. Thermocouple: K type / N type / K type / S type 
    10. Recorder: paperless / paper 
    11. HMI (interface): analog screen / touch screen / industrial computer 
    12. Electrical Elements: China Quality Brand / Schneider / Siemens 
    13. Models and parameters of a vertical vacuum furnace for quenching

    Models and parameters of a vertical vacuum furnace for quenching 

     Models and ParametersVVOQ-0812D VVOQ-1015D VVOQ-1218D VVOQ-1520D VVOQ-1825D
     Dimensions of the working area L × H (mm) Φ800×1200  Φ1000×1500  Φ1200×1800  Φ1500×2500  Φ1800×3000 
     Weight (kg) 600      1000      1200     2000     2500
    Heating power (kW)     240     330     450     570     750
      Max. temperature (℃)     1050     1050     1050     1050     1050
         1350     1350     1350     1350     1350
    Temperature uniformity (℃)     ±5     ±5     ±5     ±5     ±5
    Vacuum (Pa)     4×10-1     4×10-1     4×10-1     4×10-1     4×10-1
         4×10-3/6×10-4     4×10-3/6×10-4     4×10-3/6×10-4     4×10-3/6×10-4     4×10-3/6×10-4
    Pressure rise rate (Pa / h)  ≤0.26≤0.65  ≤0.26≤0.65 ≤0.26≤0.65 ≤0.26≤0.65 ≤0.26≤0.65
    Cage travel time (S)     ≤20     ≤36     ≤45     ≤60      ≤72
    Oil tank capacity (L)     5000     98000     11000     180000     240000
    Cooling gas 99.995%     N2/Ar     N2/Ar     N2/Ar     N2/Ar     N2/Ar
      Cooling gas pressure (bar)     2     2     2     2     2





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