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BlueCast Original LCD / DLP Photopolymer Dark Blue (500 ml)

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    A very precise castable 3D printing resin designed for light and filigree jewelry. Minimal shrinkage and excellent dimensional accuracy make it possible to 3D print investment patterns of small yet intricately designed jewelry pieces. It exhibits physical properties nearly identical to wax, so it can be processed with the same toolset.

    BlueCast Original does not expand during burnout and leaves a minimal amount of ash residue not exceeding 0.003%. It can be easily hand-shaped after printing and welded with wax sprues. Particularly useful for printing models with micro-incisions, micro-reliefs, and watermarks with a minimum thickness of 0.2 mm.

    Available Colors

    • Dark-blue


    • Filigree jewelry
    • Engagement rings
    • Engravings
    • Micro-pavé settings
    Dedicated forContainerNetto WeightWavelenght
    Zortrax Inkspirebottle500 g ± 5%405 nm
    Key PropertiesMetricImperial
    Shore hardness> 80D> 80D
    Elongation at break< 5.0%< 5.0%
    Ash residue after burnout0.003%0.003%


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