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3D printer CreatBot DE Series

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    Full metal housing 

    To ensure stable operation, the 3D printer must have a certain weight, so the metal case for the 3D printer is the best option. All CreatBot 3D printers come in unified, rugged metal cases; one-piece solid body, made by unique technology, provides the strength and precision of the printer. This technology ensures that the case will not be deformed during long transportation to the buyer. 

    Intelligent Adjustable Extruder 

    CreatBot extruders are equipped with an intelligent cooling system that provides optimum filament feed temperature. The height-adjustable nozzles are designed to allow faster and easier alignment of nozzles and provides perfect coordination when printing multi-color models. CreatBot supports one to three heads. 

    Automatic shutdown system 

    The latest CreatBot DX / DE 3D printer features a power management module that supports automatic shutdown when printing is completed. If printing is completed and there are no keyboard operations within five minutes, the system automatically turns off the printer. This feature is very convenient and improves energy efficiency. 

    Exclusive multi-function remote control 

    CreatBot DE is the latest 3D printer, equipped with a multi-function remote that supports direct access to a specific function in one click. There are 9 quick keys on the remote control that perform different functions in different situations. These functions include: moving the Z axis up and down, heating or cooling the heated table, pausing or completing printing, viewing the SD card in one click, returning to the main interface in one click, and other unique programmable functions. 

    Gear motor feed 

    Gear motors are able to develop more torque compared to a conventional stepper motor; thus preventing slipping of the thread during feeding, which ensures high accuracy and retraction of the thread. In addition, the design of the wire feed roller eliminates damage to the thread when feeding the wire. 

    Ceramic Heated Table Panel 

    The ceramic panel of the heated table with unidirectional thermal characteristics ensures uniformity of the heating zone, significantly increasing thermal efficiency and energy saving. The ceramic panel has a smooth surface and looks more presentable. In addition, ceramic heating panels are very durable. 

    Heated metal table tray 

    The metal pallet of the heated table is more rigid, which reduces vibration during operation. A metal bracket for fixing the heated table pallet up to 10 mm thick combines the heated table and the casing into a single harmonious and very durable printer. 

    Remote wire feed architecture 

    A feature of the remote wire feed architecture is that the wire feed device is not located on the head, and this makes the extrusion head as easy as possible. Due to the reduced inertia, maximum printing speed is achieved.



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