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3D printer Cube 2

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    The Cube 2 3D printer is the ideal equipment for fast and high-quality 3D printing. Its package includes 25 free models for manufacturing, professional designers worked on their creation. Therefore, immediately after receiving the device, it can be used in business. The user is available 16 color cartridges for work. Printing is done using PJP technology. 

    Benefits of the Cube 2 3D Printer

    Key advantages of the model are:

    • Possibility of remote work. Provided by Wi-Fi interface. 
    • Possibility of use by children. The model is developed including for children, it is absolutely safe for them. 
    • Cross-platform execution. The software can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems. 
    • Compactness. The dimensions of the printer are 260 × 260 × 340 mm, so that the equipment can be easily placed on the desktop. 
    • The ability to develop your own and upload ready-made models. For this purpose, the Cubify application is used. 
    • Reasonable cost. Price is not an insurmountable obstacle to buying a device for three-dimensional printing. 

    The Cube 2 3D printer prints using PLA and ABS. Each of them are absolutely safe for the environment and humans. Materials can be recycled. 

    Models are formed using the print head. It is preheated, so that the plastic becomes viscous and distributed to create a three-dimensional product. The minimum thickness of the layers allows for increased printing accuracy. 

    The presented 3D printer is an ideal solution for home manufacturing of three-dimensional models. Even beginners can easily master working with him. To do this, you do not need to configure the equipment and understand the intricacies of working with it. You only need to turn on the device and immediately start printing, without thinking about the technical details.



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