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3D printer FORMLABS FORM 1+

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    Formlabs Form 1 + 3D Printer is a real breakthrough in 3D printing. The device does not use extrusion, when the molten plastic is applied layer by layer, it uses the technology of laser stereolithography. For the manufacture of the object, the thinnest layers of resin are used, all this is done under the influence of a laser. This approach allows you to achieve print accuracy of 25 microns. The finished product has an incredibly smooth surface, which practically does not need finishing. The printer will allow you to make a model that repeats the digital sample in great detail. 

    The unique feature of the Formlabs Form 1 + 3D printer is its “hanging in the air” prints. Analogs using extruders rarely have similar capabilities. 

    Measurements in the updated 3D printer

    • 2x faster print speeds 
    • Improving print quality 
    • Using the second generation of the laser, its power has quadrupled


    In the application for the computer, you must specify the file with the model for printing and select the size of the finished product. In other words, you can scale objects depending on your own preferences. The device allows the manufacture of products up to 125 × 125 × 165 mm in size. The printer is capable of applying layers of a thickness of 25 microns. 

    After entering all the necessary data, the application will calculate the approximate printing time and polymer consumption. When printing, you can open the lid and add polymer when you need to get a large product. These actions must be carried out when the process is paused. 

    Printing process 

    The Formlabs Form 1 + 3D printer does not cause any problems in configuration and use. It should be connected to the PC via the USB interface, select the required file and send it to print. It will be downloaded to the printer. After that, you can turn off the computer, it will not affect printing. You can monitor the manufacturing process using the indicator. It reports the remaining operating time and the applied layer. 

    A modern device for three-dimensional printing will be an ideal solution for home use, educational and other purposes. The thickness of the layer can be adjusted, it is in the range of 25..200 microns. This greatly expands the scope of the device.



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