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Hercules Strong Duo 3D Printer

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    Hercules Strong Duo Personal 3D Printer.

    Hercules Strong DUO is an updated version of Hercules Strong, printing in two 

    extruders. The TwinHot double-sided model extruder uses an electric nozzle locking nozzle locking system. Calibration is carried out automatically and involves adjusting the height of the nozzles, calibrating the table plane and controlling the flow of plastic. New electronics and mechanics allow you to print accurately and silently. It is possible to install coils weighing up to 5 kg. 

    Hercules Strong Duo can print two different materials at the same time, it is automatically calibrated and controls the flow of plastic. New electronics and mechanics allow you to print accurately and silently. 

    Dimensions of the printing area: 300x300x400 mm - this is 36 liters in volume. Large parts can be printed as a whole, without seams from gluing. 

    If you want to print large parts using the entire volume of the Hercules Strong Duo, you will need a lot of plastic - standard coils may not be enough. Therefore, we added the ability to install large coils weighing up to 5 kg. 

    Use more efficient nozzles to print faster without loss of quality. Hercules Strong can work with a nozzle up to 1.2 mm. This saves up to 48% of the time. 

    We suggest you consider the purchase of a 3D printer Hercules Strong DUO. 

    Benefits of Hercules Strong DUO: 

    • The new printhead of our own design allows you to print models with two different materials at the same time 
    • Full automatic printer calibration. We equipped Hercules Strong Duo with new calibration systems: from the nozzle height position to the table plane calibration - everything is automatic. This is simpler, but most importantly - right down to the micron. 
    • Hercules Control Board proprietary controller based on the ARM CORTEX MZ 32-bit kernel 
    • Special mod for coils weighing up to 5 kg; 
    • Sensitive check plastic control system Hercules now knows when the plastic in the reel has run out or is stuck somewhere. He will pause the print until you fix the problem. 
    • Hercules will tell you what is happening to him with the help of a light indication, you will no longer have to approach the display. The logo on the table will turn red when the nozzle and the table heats up, will blink if the Sensitive check system works. It is informative and, of course, beautiful.


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