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PICASO 3D Designer Pro 250

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    3D printer Picaso 3D Designer Pro 250 - a model that opens up new horizons for users of three-dimensional printing. This printer allows you to implement projects of any complexity and for any purpose - engineers, designers, architects and other specialists can use the equipment to achieve their goals. The model has earned popularity for the following reasons:

    • Jet Switch The technology provides extremely high print quality by deactivating the supply of the second plastic without lowering the operating temperature. This technology makes switching between materials quick, and it happens without consequences. 
    • High speed. The switch speed between the materials in this model is 0.25 seconds! This is almost 40 times faster than all currently known 3D printers. 
    • Large working chamber. The dimensions of the working chamber are 200x200x210 mm, which opens up great opportunities - at one time you can make large and complex projects without spending a lot of time. 
    • Simple operation. Thanks to the available software interface, managing the printer will not be something incomprehensible. Even a child can understand management.

    The minimum layer thickness is only 50 microns, which together with two nozzles and FDM printing technology allows us to achieve unsurpassed quality of three-dimensional printing. Pay attention to this model if you want to save on buying without losing quality. Make the right choice now.



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