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Anisoprint CCF - Composite Reinforcing Fiber

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    Anisoprint CCF is a composite reinforcing fiber in the form of a rope, consisting of thousands of ultra-thin carbon monofilaments impregnated with a special polymer composition, providing high-quality impregnation and adhesion between polymers and fiber. 


    The additive manufacturing of solid fiber reinforced composite parts is based on double extrusion technology of composite material with combined extrusion and allows the manufacture of durable, light and complex parts with individual material properties. The amplifier is an Anisoprint carbon composite fiber (CCF), containing thousands of thin carbon filaments bonded with a special polymer binder.

    • 20 times harder and stronger than ordinary plastic 
    • Strength to weight ratio is more than 5 times higher than for aluminum grade 2024-T351 
    • 7 times lighter than steel and stronger than stainless steel

    A 1-kilometer coil will be enough for the manufacture of a fully composite cube 62x62x62 mm or a fully composite plate of size A4 3.85 mm thick. The volume ratio of carbon fiber in the final product is up to 25%. Anisoprint technology provides a wide range of applications in various industries: from the aerospace industry to the manufacture of tools.


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