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CastSolid photopolymer (resin)

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    CastSolid Resin is the latest development at MadeSolid. Thanks to the special resin design, it practically does not leave ash after burning, and also minimizes the thermal expansion of the object. The resin is less viscous than most other resins, it is easier to work with and clean. Compatible with many SLA / DLP printers, including Form1, Sparkm LittleRP, B9 Creator, Kudo, and Asiga. MadeSolid Inc. specializes in the development of unique formulas and the production of innovative supplies for 3D printers. The company's product range includes UV-curable materials (liquid photopolymers), currently the range of photopolymer resins is represented by three varieties: CastSolid, Vorex and MS Resin. You can purchase MadeSolid products exclusively at the 3D-Store, an authorized reseller of MadeSolid.(500 ml.)


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