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VisiJet 5500X Composites Family

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    VisiJet 5500X Composites Family is a family of materials with different properties, offered both individually and in mixed condition, which expands the list of possible properties of the future prototype. There are three options to choose from: VisiJet CR-WT - a hard plastic material, VisiJet CF-BK - an elastic rubber-like material, and VisiJet CR-CL - a durable plastic material. VisiJet 5500X Composites Family materials are actively used in various fields of industrial production, scientific and medical research. The materials have shown themselves well in the production of complex structures from several different materials, flexible products, hinges, parts for high-temperature testing, etc. Material properties: VisiJet CR-WT is a white, glossy, hard plastic material, similar in properties to ABS, characterized by strength and rigidity and heat resistance. VisiJet CF-BK - elastic, in appearance and to the touch resembling rubber material of black color, characterized by high elongation at break and elasticity. VisiJet CR-CL - hard transparent shiny layer Bulk material, similar to polycarbonate, characterized by durability and scratch resistance.


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