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3D printer FabPro 1000 photopolymer

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    Improved performance 

    Now the process of making models does not take days, but hours. FabPro 1000 produces high-quality parts, providing precision machining and a smooth surface, all at a rate three times faster than competitive systems. This was made possible through the use of such new technologies: 

    • Digital LED Projection Technology (DLP) is a variant of stereolithographic 3D printing that uses a projector to display each layer before the liquid polymer resin hardens under ultraviolet light. 
    • A layer thickness of 30 to 50 microns provides excellent detail, accuracy and surface finish. 
    • The maximum allowable size of the parts to be created is 125 x 70 x 120 mm (4.92 x 2.76 x 4.72 inches), which allows the FabPro 1000 to quickly produce larger parts or several small parts at the same time. 


    Comparison of speed and performance 


    The DLP technology used by FabPro 1000 uses a projector to display each layer, which makes printing easier and more accurate, and also improves productivity by allowing you to create several small parts on the same platform. Below is the manufacturing time for the platform of identical parts (layer thickness - 50 microns), made on FabPro 1000 and a competitive base level system: 

    FabPro 1000 Printing Time: 2.5 hours 

    Printing time on a competitive baseline system using technology 

    SLA: 10 hours 


    Lower operating costs 

    The design features of the FabPro 1000 allow for efficient material consumption and constant operation time, which makes 3D prototyping and production of serial parts more acceptable and affordable than ever before. 3D Sprint is a print preparation and management software that helps you make better use of materials and reduces waste by optimizing the print assembly and support structure. This combination of fast speed and optimized printing results in lower parts manufacturing costs and a lower TCO of the system.


    Industrial Strength with Start-to-Finish Simplicity

    This entry-level powerhouse packs industrial durability and reliability into a rugged yet compact platform, delivering professional quality day in and day out. It's also simple to use – from setup, material loading and file configuration to post-processing, cleaning and maintenance:

    • No special training or certification is required due to an intuitive design and easy-access print chamber.
    • Replacing print trays and switching materials is a snap.
    • Post-processing is seamless with an included finishing kit, and optional light-based LC-3DPrint Box UV post-curing unit for required cleaning and curing.

    Easy-to-Use Software

    Preparing part files for printing and monitoring print jobs is easy with 3D SYSTEMS 3D Sprint software, which comes standard with every FabPro 1000. This robust additive manufacturing software streamlines printing preparation through file importing, editing, repairing, and slicing and optimizes part placement on the platform with support creation and nesting.

    • Easy build job set-up, submission and job queue management
    • Automatic part placement and build optimization tools
    • Part nesting capability and part editing tools
    • Automatic support generation
    • Job statistics


    Support You Can Count On

    When you purchase FabPro, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided. By purchasing an additional one-year or two-year warranty, the buyer can extend the warranty period of his 3D-printer. 

    In case of any problems with the printer, please contact our support team via a hotline, who will try to remotely troubleshoot the problem. If the problem cannot be fixed and the warranty has not expired, we will provide instructions for replacing the device so that the client backs up as soon as possible and can work again.


    Simple Post-Processing for Perfect Parts

    Post-processing for the FabPro 1000 is a simple two-step process – clean and cure. Simply remove the printed part from the FabPro 1000, remove any support structures and clean in a solvent either in an ultrasonic cleaner or manually. The FabPro 1000 includes a Finishing Kit for supplies to help with the cleaning and support removal process. From there, the part requires UV-curing for final finishing, either in the recommended optional LC-3DPrint Box or other UV-curing unit.


    Where to order supplies? 

    SIU System recommends ordering supplies from official 3D SYSTEMS partners. At the moment, in Russia and the CIS countries we are the only official supplier. 

    Who can service the printer? 

    Specialists and companies with a special certificate from 3D SYSTEMS. Currently, only SIU System has this status and official service center in Russia and the CIS countries.

    What can be considered a warranty case? 

    A warranty case is a failure or critical abnormalities in the operation of both the equipment as a whole and any of its spare parts, provided that the client fully complies with the operating rules of the equipment indicated in the user manual, as well as the absence of other external circumstances and factors directly or indirectly causing a malfunction or deviation.

    For instance: 

    Warranty case 

    The lack of a built model on the build platform during or after the completion of the printer build process. 

    Non-Warranty Case 

    A voltage surge in the power supply network, which entailed the failure of other components and spare parts.


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