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3D Printer Figure 4 Modular Photopolymer

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    3D printer Figure 4 Modular - Scalable, semi-automated 3D manufacturing solution designed to grow with your prototyping and production needs

    Figure 4 Modular is a scalable, semi-automated 3D production solution that grows with your business, enabling capacity to meet your present and future needs, up to 10,000 parts per month, for unprecedented manufacturing agility.

    With expandable capacity up to 24 print engines, automated job management and queuing, automated material delivery, and centralized post-processing, Figure 4 Modular’s end-to-end digital manufacturing workflow is ideal for low to mid volume production and bridge manufacturing. 

    The base configuration of Figure 4 Modular is comprised of a single printer and a central controller. This can be easily scaled to up to 24 printer modules on a single controller, with layout configuration flexibility, empowering production to rapidly multiply without disruption to the shop floor. 

    Figure 4 Modular’s individual printers enable simultaneous production of a wide variety of part sizes and shapes, in multiple materials for a diverse range of parts for production and prototyping. Fast and easy print jobs preparation, ultra-fast print speeds, post-curing in minutes instead of hours and production management ensure high parts throughput with high accuracy and repeatability.


    Key benefits:

    • Scalable modular configurations;
    • Low total cost of operations;
    • Unparalleled Flexibility;
    • End-to-End Productivity;
    • Broad Range of Materials.


    Printing benefits:

    A significant advantage of this technology compared to similar technologies of competitors is the printing speed combined with ultra-high accuracy and a layer thickness of 10 microns.

    Switching materials is quick and easy, which makes it possible to diversify functional prototyping and production of many different parts on one 3D printer, which is complemented by the LC-3DPrint Box UV system for the subsequent post-processing of the resulting models for their ideal cleaning.



    3D Sprint delivers tools that allow you to 3D print better parts without needing high-priced software to achieve it. The extensive automated toolset in 3D Sprint facilitates the entire 3D printing process from beginning to end. Save on material and post-processing time without compromising on part quality. 

    Expendable materials:

    • Figure 4 MED-AMB 10 - A rigid amber material for applications requiring biocompatibility, translucency and/or thermal resistance;
    • Figure 4 MED-WHT 10 - A rigid white material for applications requiring biocompatibility and/or thermal resistance;
    • Figure 4 TOUGH-BLK 20 - A strong material with industry-leading environmental stability;
    • Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10 - Production-grade additive manufacturing material with game-changing thermoplastic-like mechanical properties and long-term environmental stability;
    • Figure 4 EGGSHELL-AMB 10 - A process-optimized material for the production of sacrificial tooling for casting silicone and other materials;
    • Figure 4 HI TEMP 300-AMB -  ultra-high temperature resistant rigid plastic suitable for the harshest thermal environments;
    • Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 20 - Durable, flexible, high impact resistant material with long-term environmental stability;
    • Figure 4 RUBBER-BLK 10 - High tear strength, malleable material for hard rubber-like parts;
    • Figure 4 FLEX-BLK 10 - A flexible material for the production of exceptionally durable polypropylene-like parts;
    • Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 10 - High contrast green castable material delivers finely detailed, high-resolution jewelry patterns to produce high quality jewelry pieces rapidly.
    • Figure 4 ELAST-BLK 10 - rubber elastomeric design material;
    • Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 10 -A high-speed material capable of print speeds up to 100 mm/hour;
    • Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 15 - material offering high strength and stability for short run production of rigid gray parts.


    Where to order supplies? 

    SIU System recommends ordering supplies from official 3D SYSTEMS partners. At the moment, in Russia and the CIS countries we are the only official supplier. 

    Who can service the printer? 

    Specialists and companies with a special certificate from 3D SYSTEMS. Currently, only SIU System has this status and official service center in Russia and the CIS countries.

    What can be considered a warranty case? 

    A warranty case is a failure or critical abnormalities in the operation of both the equipment as a whole and any of its spare parts, provided that the client fully complies with the operating rules of the equipment indicated in the user manual, as well as the absence of other external circumstances and factors directly or indirectly causing a malfunction or deviation.

    For instance: 

    Warranty case 

    The lack of a built model on the build platform during or after the completion of the printer build process. 

    Non-Warranty Case 

    A voltage surge in the power supply network, which entailed the failure of other components and spare parts.



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