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TOTAL Z Anyform 250-G3 / G3 3D Printer (2X)

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    Total Z Anyform 250-G3

    Universal 3D printer with print area up to: 250X250X250mm. The most compact model from the Anyform G3 series. 

    • Execution is possible both with one extruder - Anyform 250-G3, and with two - Anyform 250-G3 (2X).
    • The power frame, 4 rail guides along the Z axis and two spindles for moving the table provide the most rigid design of this 3D printer, unlike many of its other competitors in the market.
    • A closed chamber, a heated table and a universal extruder capable of printing with both flexible and rigid plastics make this 3D printer a universal solution for 3D printing.



    • Closed working chamber.
    • The possibility of battery life.
    • Color indication of operating modes and temperature.
    • Copper heater of the extruder unit.
    • Rigid frame construction.
    • Lack of plastic parts in mechanical components.
    • Original control board.
    • Modular layout of the extruder.
    • Convenient maintenance of the extruder.
    • Warranty service 1 year.



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