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Used, Creaform EXAscan (ZScanner 800)

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    Used, careful use, in excellent condition, fully equipped, fully ready for use. Any checks. 

    It will become an excellent assistant in such a field of activity as three-dimensional quality control, reverse engineering, high-precision production, design. . Its ergonomics and manual design allows you to scan from various angles and shoot areas that other scanners cannot. 

    It is a leader in scanning accuracy among the entire ZScanner line. Its accuracy is 2-3 times higher, and its resolution is 5 times higher than its predecessors. This absolute leadership in scanning accuracy is made possible by the fact that the third camera enhances scan detail and accuracy. Its resolution reaches 50 μm along the Z axis and up to 40 μm along the X and Y axes. 


    • scanning speed is maximum among the ZScanner line and is 25,000 measurements per second. 
    • It has a multi-resolution function, which allows it to independently select a resolution based on the type of surface being scanned. 
    • Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can produce professional scans in hard-to-reach places. 
    • the ability to shoot objects in motion, and this does not appear in any way on the quality of the resulting model. 
    • scanner weight - 1.25 kg, makes working with it easy and enjoyable. Its dimensions - 171 x 260 x 216 mm, make it easy to hold it in your hand and scan in hard to reach places. 
    • a class II laser is used for operation, which is safe for human vision. 


    • scanner 
    • firewire cable 
    • ZScan Software 
    • Ergonomic case 
    • Calibration plate


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