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    Why choose FormBox?

    • Custom molds
    •  Lightning fast
    •  Handy and compact
    •  Easy as cooking

    A desktop vacuum moulder brings your ideas to life. 

    For whom: 


    Designers, architects and designers are forced to work quickly in a tightly budgeted environment. Formbox gives you the opportunity to develop design prototypes quickly and independently. 

    Small business. 

    With Formbox, you can start your small batch production without having to place large volumes of orders at the factory. A great option to enter the market. 

    Using Formbox, amateur craftsmen can create simple forms based on master models fashioned from improvised materials, such as plasticine. Advanced wizards can use 3D printers and CNC machines to create master models. 


    Formbox provides teachers with an easy way to captivate children with handicrafts, turning work lessons into fun and exciting events. 

    Key Features 

    • Rapid prototyping 

    Formbox allows you to quickly prototype, providing high surface quality. Create a prototype in front of the customer. 

    • Wide range of materials 

    Bring unique ideas to life in hundreds of different ways, choosing a wide range of materials for work. 

    • Boost 3D Printer Features 

    Use Formbox paired with a 3D printer to create your own product line. The future is desktop production.

    • Ergonomics and power 

    Formbox is the production line on your desk. A factory the size of an office printer. 

    How it works:

    1. Create a master model and put it in Formbox
    2. Formbox will create a 3D form in seconds
    3. Get out the shape and do another ten in a few minutes
    4. Use the resulting form as a template to create hundreds of versions from a wide variety of materials.

    What do we create? 

    Concrete pots for cacti, prototypes of products, molds for chocolate, boxes and packaging, soap of complex shape and soap dishes for it, UAV aerodynamic cases, sets of colored masks of superheroes, mock-ups of glass cladding for a geodesic dome. 

    The possibilities are endless!


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