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Microscope medical and biological Nikon Eclipse Ci-S

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    Microscope biomedical Nikon Eclipse Ci-S

    Technical requirements

    1. Research Methods: Bright Field Availability
    2. Optical system: "Infinite" optical system Availability
    3. Parfocal distance, not less (mm) 55
    4. Rough / Fine Tuning: Availability
    5. Fine tuning for rotation, no more (mm) 0.1 8. Coarse adjustment for rotation, no more (mm) 10 9. Minimum pitch, no more (μm) 1
    6. Ability to adjust the rotary force of the coarse adjustment handle. Availability
    7. Lighting: Halogen lamp, voltage / power not less than (V / W) 6V / 30W
    8. The number of neutral light filters attenuating the luminous flux, not less (pcs) 2
    9. Binocular tube for wide-angle eyepieces. Availability 14. Number of eyepieces, at least (pcs.) 2
    10. Eyepieces with diopter adjustment and magnification multiple of at least 10
    11. Field of view of the eyepiece, no more (mm) 22
    12. The number of positions in the lens revolver, not less (pcs.) 6
    13. Item table Availability
    14. Superhard coating for the stage
    15. Adjustment of height and effort of rotation of the handle of the stage. Availability
    16. The size of the stage, not less than ShhD (mm) 150x240
    17. The range of movements of the stage along the X-Y axes, not less than (mm) 75x50
    18. Component stage with drug holders for 2 glasses
    19. Achromatic capacitor with a numerical aperture, not more than 0.9
    20. Planachromatic lens with 4x magnification, with a numerical aperture of at least 0.1
    21. Planachromatic objective with magnification 10x, numerical aperture not less than 0.25
    22. Planachromatic lens with a magnification of 20x, a numerical aperture of at least 0.4
    23. Planachromatic lens with a magnification of 40x, a numerical aperture of at least 0.65
    24. Planachromatic objective with a magnification of 100x, oil immersion, numerical aperture of at least 1.25
    25. Color Digital Camera: Availability
    26. Resolution of the matrix, not less (MPix) 5
    27. Software: Availability Compatible with digital camera for image capture; Manage image capture settings for the camera; The ability to present images in real form; The ability to optimize image quality by highlighting areas of interest; Vector Image Storage
    28. Possibility of carrying out linear measurements of morphometric measurements
    29. Workstation for microscopy with a monitor, at least 21 ″ Availability

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