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3D printing from polyamide

3D printing by polyamide

Printing with polyamide is performed by the SLS method (Selective Laser Sintering) - an additive manufacturing technology based on layer-by-layer sintering of powder materials (polyamides, plastic) using a laser beam.

It is most often used for functional samples of future products, instrument housings, bionic frames or a small series of end products with high strength and detail.

Polyamide has a 6th grade biocompatible, which allows it to be used for medicine.

Types of Polyamide:

  1. DuraForm ProX EX NAT (Black) is a durable plastic based on nylon. The superior impact resistance of this material makes it ideal for functional applications where durability plays a crucial role.
  2. DuraForm ProX PA (SLS) is a durable thermoplastic material that can withstand severe long-term use in real conditions, replacing traditionally cast products.
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