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3D printing by sand

3D printing by sand

The main range of applications for products made using sand printing technology is foundry products for metallurgy. The resulting molds are used in foundry. They are widely used in such fields as engineering, architecture, design. 

Printing is done using the BJ method. The technology of inkjet printing by applying powder and gluing it with a BJ binder (Binder Jetting) is specially designed for the production of foundry molds for high-tech medium and large-sized products, such as a cylinder block and cylinder head of an internal combustion engine for shipbuilding, automotive, diesel locomotive, etc. 

The creation of foundry molds using layer-by-layer synthesis methods allows you to circumvent the technological limitations of traditional technologies and reduce the technological chain by abandoning the following operations: manufacturing a master model from metal or composite materials, manufacturing a gating system and profits, molding parts of a mold (installing a master model and gating system in flask and backfill mixture). This reduces production time and reduces the cost of the product by an order of magnitude. 

Types of sand:

Sand quartz sand SandEX+ is used for the manufacture of sand forms using the additive Binder Jetting technology.

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