Ведущий интегратор 3D-решений в России и СНГ: от подбора оборудования до оказания услуг, включая сервис, печать, консалтинг, инжиниринг

3D metal chess

Exclusive chess set, printed on a metal 3D printer.


A unique gift - a personalized chess set for those looking for an exclusive: custom design, one of a kind, printing using additive technologies used in the aerospace field.


A gift for lovers of intellectual games with a thousand-year history. Previously, for the manufacture of chess, highly qualified masters were required, this was an acquisition that only aristocrats could afford. Today, the originality of the design is emphasized by the innovative manufacturing technology. 

3D printed metal chess is a royal gift. 


Printer: 3D Systems DMP Flex 350 Metal

Technology: DMP printing 

Material: LaserForm AlSi10Mg (A), aluminum alloy


Black pieces - bluing (oxidation) 

White pieces - glass blasting. 

The lower surface of the figures is made of genuine leather.

Manufacturing time - 7 days.

Chess can be branded - a nameplate with the owner's name or a dedication can be attached to the box.


199 980 rub.