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Geomagic ClayTools Software

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    Geomagic ClayTools simulation system delivers unprecedented simulation speed and creative expression. This software is ideal for modeling complex organic forms for creating digital content, as well as for creating fine art products, in particular sculptures and jewelry design elements. This software is also used in educational programs on the visual arts and industrial design, with the goal of teaching 3D modeling. Geomagic ClayTools files are compatible with Geomagic production-oriented modeling systems: Freeform and Freeform Plus. Geomagic ClayTools software includes the Phantom Omni tactile device, a true 3D feedback interface that allows you to use your sense of touch to create virtual clay models. This natural and direct way of working makes the ClayTools system easy to learn, thanks to which users can study the program for several days and increase their productivity. 

    Draft designs 

    Use Geomagic ClayTools to quickly model sketch designs using digital clay. The presence of a comprehensive set of tools provides the ability to cut, sculpt and change forms, thereby allowing you to develop new ideas, realize your creativity and increase productivity. 

    Jewelry design 

    You can easily design and model complex objects: for example, jewelry and collectibles. You will be able to distinguish yourself from others thanks to the special attention to detail, as With Geomagic ClayTools, you can simulate even the smallest product details. Thanks to the ability to easily output data to 3D printing, you can create wax patterns for your unique projects. 

    Strike your imagination 

    Want to impress your own imagination? Geomagic ClayTools provides maximum flexibility that makes creating digital sculptures as easy as working with real clay. Often used for games, entertainment, and movies, this software allows designers to easily sculpt any shape without the need for lengthy training.


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