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    Change your design method 

    Using the capabilities of direct modeling based on data scanning, you can optimize all phases of development: product design, engineering, conceptual modeling, prototyping, production and creation of documentation. Now the creation, modification, prototyping and manufacturing of products becomes more effective than ever. 

    Uncover the whole team 

    Now everyone can become a CAD designer without special training. An intuitive interface, automatic feature extraction and a simple Geomagic Design Direct toolkit make it easy to use. And our online lessons and knowledge base articles will teach you how to design details in minutes. 

    Expand Your Opportunities 

    You do not need to design everything from scratch - just scan the physical object and use it to quickly create a new design. You can even combine existing CAD designs with scanned objects, generate 2D and 3D drawings, manipulate assemblies and easily combine them with your existing tools. 

    Accelerate your product market 

    Reduce product development time. Scan prototypes, existing parts, fittings or related objects, spending much less time on this than would be required to take measurements and create a CAD model manually. Edit conceptual models on the fly, without delving into an impassable thicket of obscure sections of CAD. 

    Scan directly to CAD 

    The leading direct modeling platform from SpaceClaim® Geomagic Design Direct allows you to scan directly into an intuitive CAD system, so you can immediately start designing your scanned objects. 

    Intuitive solution and short development time 

    Time is money. With Geomagic Design Direct, you can get started quickly no matter how well you know CAD. Direct modeling makes Geomagic Design Direct intuitive: you simply draw, compress and stretch, and create a magnificent spatial model of the scanned object. 

    Everything you need in one set 

    Geomagic Design Direct is a complete design solution. In one application, you get scan data processing, direct modeling, assemblies, drawings and PMI. You still have access to SpaceClaim’s third-party add-ons. 

    Simplified workflow 

    Go in one click from 3D data acquisition to CAD functions. Geomagic Design Direct workflow priorities are speed and efficiency. Having finished the model, you can create detailed design drawings and amazing visualization.




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