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3D scanner GOM Scan 1

  • Manufacturer: Gom
  • Service maintenance

Compact scanner that prints products with high detail.

GOM and Blue Light projection technologies provide the basis for detailed and accurate 3D polygon meshes. Meanwhile, GOM Inspect software will help you apply the mesh to any project you want: 3D printing, reverse engineering, or part inspection. 

Benefits of GOM Scan 1 in compact form and robust construction. From GOM Blue Light technology to stereo camera principle, the sensor is built to deliver the most accurate 3D data.

Intuitive use. Easy to operate, the GOM Scan 1 is specialized for easy and fast measurements of small to medium sized parts, even in tight spaces.

Different applications have different requirements. GOM Scan 1 is available in three versions with measuring volumes: MV 100, MV 200 and MV 400. With all three sensors, you can count on high-precision measurements of small and medium objects.

GOM Scan 1 is an optical 3D projection scanner. It captures the entire surface of components with a blue projection and delivers detailed resolution instantly.

Thanks to the stereo camera principle, the sensor recognizes changes in environmental conditions during operation and can compensate for these changes. To ensure the quality of measurement data, the sensor software constantly monitors the status of jobs.

Since the sensor works with narrow band blue light, interfering ambient light can be filtered out during image acquisition. 


State Germany
Manufacturer Gom
Application industries Prototyping, Reverse engineering

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