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3Shape D710 to buy a 3D scanner at an affordable price in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation

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If you are only considering the feasibility of acquiring the D710, we recommend that you evaluate not only its operational and physical parameters, but also take into account the best user experience. Many modern laboratories have preferred the D710 to other models of three-dimensional scanners due to its functionality and high performance. He copes with a large number of orders, both in medium and large laboratories. Demonstrates high quality work even with complex types of prosthetics. Despite the fact that the manufacture of an orthopedic design is sometimes impossible without the implementation of a working model, in other cases a 3D scanner avoids the need to create casts. This improves not only speed, but also the quality of work processes, since scanning is performed with an accuracy of 20 microns. The algorithm for working with the D710 is very simple. The resulting data is automatically displayed in the application provided by 3Shape. Here a project for further restoration is being created. Then it remains only to send the file to the laboratory for design. 

The main advantages of a three-dimensional scanner 

  • Data output is carried out in DCM and open STL format; 
  • high performance allows you to execute large orders as quickly as possible; 
  • scan efficiency; 
  • effective when performing dental prosthetics of various levels of complexity; 
  • using the device is simple; 
  • reliable design provides a long service life; 
  • Dental System Premium software is standard on the scanner.


Manufacturer 3Shape
Application industries The medicine

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