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3Shape D800 to buy a 3D scanner at an affordable price in Moscow and the whole Russian Federation

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The D800 is the epitome of the most advanced 3D scanning technology. With all its external compactness, it demonstrates excellent performance, performs high-precision scanning with high resolution. This device is intended for three-dimensional modeling based on plaster models and dental casts. The implementation of advanced developer technology has endowed the device with the ability to perform texture scanning. Another notable feature of the D800 is the appearance of 5.0 megapixel cameras in its design. All these transformations have made the scanner one of the leaders in its class. Due to its wide functional capabilities, this model is practically devoid of restrictions. It demonstrates high efficiency when performing large orders of varying complexity, regardless of the type of prosthetics. An important factor in high-quality scanning is the licensed software provided by the manufacturer with the scanner. 

3D scanner benefits 

  • The operation of the device is carried out in accordance with the texture scanning technology; 
  • high accuracy - 15 microns; 
  • proprietary software package Dental System Premium is included as standard; 
  • 2 cameras in 5.0 megapixels provide excellent resolution; 
  • high performance; 
  • ease of connection and configuration; 
  • structural reliability. 

Given the extensive capabilities and optimal cost of the scanner, the economic feasibility of such an acquisition is obvious.


Manufacturer 3Shape
Application industries The medicine

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