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AICON DPA to buy a 3D scanner at an affordable price in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation

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Aicon DPA is a universal instrument designed for high-precision construction of three-dimensional models. Due to the high degree of mobility, it is actively used in various sectors of the economy. The compact portable device uses a hand-held camera to collect data. This three-dimensional scanner is often used to spatially control components and collect analyzes of 3D processes. 

The advantages of a portable 3D scanner 

  • Extensive scope: architecture, various branches of engineering, metrological control, energy industry and so on; 
  • fast scanning with the simultaneous construction of a 3D model on the screen of a PC, laptop or tablet synchronized with the scanner; 
  • ability to work with objects of any size: from microcircuits to large units; 
  • portability and mobility of a three-dimensional scanner allows you to take measurements in hard-to-reach places. These same features provide the ability to digitize objects that are physically impossible to transport to a coordinate measuring machine; 
  • high accuracy of scanning; 
  • ease of management and data processing is largely provided by convenient application software; 
  • modest weight and size parameters determine the transportability of this 3D scanner.


Manufacturer AICON
Application industries Architecture, Engineering

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