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Aicon MoveInspect XR

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    The MoveInspect XR measuring system opens up new possibilities for quality control of large-scale objects. It helps to solve many production problems and determine: 

    • impact of load on the object; 
    • nature of deformations; 
    • material stability; 
    • the risk of kinks and fractures of the product. 

    This system is used to detect geometric changes using the obtained data. It allows you to make accurate measurements of objects up to several meters. Another feature of the universal 3D scanner is the use of 2 cameras at once and the ability to shoot large objects without changing the position of the device itself. With a measurement volume of more than 100 m³, this system is the most effective of all currently presented. For this reason, the scanner turned out to be very popular in those industries where it is necessary to measure large aggregates or their individual components. 

    The advantages of a measuring system 

    • Absolute freedom of movement with optical tracking; 
    • accurate measurement in an unstable environment thanks to the Dynamic Referencing option; 
    • convenience of work even in confined spaces; 
    • high mobility of the device; 
    • robust construction; 
    • functional software; 
    • transportability.


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