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Artec Eva + Spider to buy a 3D scanner at an affordable price in Moscow and the whole Russian Federation


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The package includes two types of scanners. So Artec Eva is able to conduct 3D-scanning of objects that have average values ​​at high speed. At the same time, the resolution of the camera corresponds to 1.3 megapixels. The second type of mobile scanner - Artec Spider, which is included in the kit, was developed taking into account solutions that can bring to a higher level the quality of industrial design, digitization of objects after they are detailed. It is successfully used in 3D scanning of a geometrically complex surface or of small objects. 

What are the benefits of purchasing bundled? 

First of all, there are possible resources that only one type of 3D scanner cannot provide. The integrated use of Eva + Spider is the most successful combination for solving tasks that often arise in the process of creating a project. There is a speed with which Artec Eva scans volumetric places and uncomplicated areas. At the same time, Artec Spider guarantees the highest possible detail, down to scanning the smallest details. Only such a combination of the diverse characteristics of each device allows you to get high image accuracy, full capture of texture and color, the speed at which scanning takes place. This kit has high mobility and compact size. 

Compatible Software Provided 

The software from Artec Studio makes it very easy to combine and process the materials obtained after digitization from each of the 3D scanners. 

Favorable offer to all educational facilities 

Artec 3D scanner purchase conditions are the most favorable and beneficial for all schools, universities and educational institutions. First of all, there is a discount directly on the 3D scanner. Twenty licenses for software developed by Artec Studio are provided for your use. Software updates are free for the two years following the purchase. 

Application area 

The most popular combination of 3D scanners Eva and Spider in one set was received by museum workers, architects, and on television. A striking confirmation of this is the STS channel, on which 3D models of the protagonists of the series Londongrad were created.


Manufacturer Artec 3D
Application industries Architecture, Reverse engineering, The medicine

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