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ATOS Compact Scan to buy a 3D scanner at an affordable price in Moscow and the whole Russian Federation

  • Manufacturer: Gom
  • Service maintenance

Precise. Flexible. Affordable.

Mobile 3D scanner for a wide range of applications


ATOS Compact Scan provides benchmark level quality in terms of accuracy, sharpness and completeness.

  • Scanning

Work with sharp and precise scan results. The perfect start for reverse engineering and inspection.

  • Probing

Digitize deep pockets, bore holes or areas that cannot be accessed optically. The ultimate addition to 3D scanning.

  • Tracking

Position your parts during assembly or for alignment before milling. A useful add-on in the production process.

  • Scalable use

Benefit from interchangeable lenses that provide small to large fields of view with high detail accuracy.

  • Simple handling

Enjoy the ease of use of the 3D scanner, especially for big objects. ATOS Compact Scan does not need to be held in hand all the time.

  • Mobility

Inspect or reverse engineer at the production line or wherever the part may be.


Manufacturer Gom
Application industries Engineering, Jewelry industry, Reverse engineering

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