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Breuckmann stereoSCAN

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    A professional scanner from Breuckmann is designed to perform extremely accurate scanning of objects with varying degrees of detail. The advanced stereoSCAN3D system monitors the asymmetrically positioned cameras and the innovative MRI projection device. With an impressive scanning range, the 3D device provides high digitization accuracy (up to 25 microns). 

    Scanner features 

    • Technological scanning. Unprecedented MRI technology provides highly accurate data collection and device flexibility. Due to the possibility of changing the triangulation angles of the cameras, high-quality digitization of even hard-to-reach zones is performed 
    • Excellent resolution and workflow stability. The maximum resolution of the cameras of this scanner reaches 16 megapixels, which provides accurate three-dimensional scanning with a high degree of detail. The stability of the sensor is guaranteed by the carbon fiber structure of the scanner base; 
    • an extensive scanning area - 7.5 to 75 cm, simple and quick calibration, the use of laser pointers - all this makes the process of building a digital 3D model even easier. One sensor base allows you to create up to 6 scan zones; 
    • The scanner is simple to manage and use. Interchangeable lenses, the ability to quickly change the location of cameras on a touch basis - these features allow you to quickly adjust to the desired scanning area and digitize products of different sizes; 
    • widespread demand. This device improves the quality and profitability of many production processes, allows you to digitize works of art for restoration, preservation of cultural heritage, and so on; 
    • exported file formats - PLY, VRML, BRE or STL.


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