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Creaform HandyProbe

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Creaform HandyProbe is fully portable and designed for field use. Compared to its predecessors, this model will provide complete freedom of movement, positively affecting the quality of measurements and overall performance. 

System Applications 

Technical Control: 

  • preliminary layout analysis for CAD; 
  • control of the processed object; 
  • quality control of the supplied products; 
  • comparing the source data for compliance with the three-dimensional model of the object; 
  • research on the compliance of finished parts with the source; 
  • reconciliation of the structure; 
  • defining a quality standard for tools; 
  • performing repeated measurements at a speed of up to 30 points per second; 
  • in collaboration with the MetraSCAN 3D scanner, maximum detail of the form and image generation in high-density color are achieved. 

Reverse Design: 

  • designing objects of different geometric shapes (cylinders, spheres or planes); 
  • when used with a MetraSCAN 3D scanner, you can get the exact design of objects of a mixed type, geometric and free form. 

Benefits of Creaform HandyProbe: 

  • provides high accuracy of measurement, regardless of the settings of the operator or the environment; 
  • Carries out alignment in the automatic mode; 
  • performs high-precision volumetric measurements; 
  • convenient in operation, portable; 
  • Due to its small dimensions and light weight, it allows the operator to work for a long time. 

Creaform HandyProbe System Versions: 

  • NEXT MC; 
  • NEXT MC Elite. 

The specification document identifies specific parameters for each version.


Application industries Architecture, Reverse engineering

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