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David Laserscanner Starter Kit V.2

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    The scanner is unusually easy to use. Even with a complete lack of experience, working with this device will not cause difficulties. Sophisticated equipment includes everything you need to operate a 3D scanner. The calibration of the device is also not necessary. It is enough to direct the laser beam at the scanned object and remove it from all sides. David Laserscanner Starter Kit V.2 is used for digitizing both inanimate objects and animals, people's faces, because the laser used is absolutely safe for health. In the process of shooting, the scanner simultaneously creates a three-dimensional model on the computer screen. The software supplied with the device links individual scans and forms a single textured 3D model. Scanning accuracy is within 0.5%. The survey results are saved in any format provided by the manufacturer: STL, OBJ, PLY. Then the obtained data can be processed in a program convenient for you, working with 3D models and / or designed for rapid prototyping. If the three-dimensional image does not need to be corrected, it is possible to immediately send it for printing. 

    Features of a complete set 

    The standard equipment of this 3D scanner includes: 

    • 2 megapixel camera; 
    • special stand; 
    • manual laser with auto focus; 
    • calibration panels; 
    • application software. 

    This model of the scanning device is capable of shooting objects up to 40 cm in the same plane, which allows you to simulate very impressive products.


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