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Einscan-Pro is a functional 3D scanner with high print accuracy and 4 scan modes. It is considered to be a universal 3D device. It features fast operation, since calibration and the direct scanning process require a minimum amount of time. 

Optimum Mode Selection 

Depending on the choice of the subject and the nature of the shooting, this device can be used in various modes: 

  • Handheld Rapid Scan - for scanning large objects, the human body, animals, machines and so on. With quick manual scanning, the speed reaches 10 frames per second, so the construction of 3D models of objects of impressive size is very quick. Scanning area - 0.15-4 m; 
  • Handheld HD Scan. This mode should be selected when working with medium-sized objects and many small parts. The scan area in this case is in the range of 0.03-4 m; 
  • Free Scan is suitable for arbitrary scanning and subsequent digitization of small items with a high degree of detail. To do this, the device is mounted on a tripod. Scanning area - 0.03-4 m; 
  • Automatic Scan. Scanning takes no more than 1.5 minutes and is carried out in conjunction with the use of a rotary table, which is controlled by the application program. This mode should be chosen when working with objects of small sizes (3-15 cm). The scan area is about 0.03-0.15 m. 

Scanner in action 

The scanning process itself is unusually simple. It is enough to run a special program and determine the optimal mode. Then it remains only to turn on the device and start scanning. A special indicator will tell you if the conditions and / or distance during scanning are not selected correctly. The principle is the same as that of a traffic light. So you can adjust your movements during the time without diving into complex software settings. Compatibility with the STL, OBJ and ASC formats, as well as the acceptable cost of the scanner, add even more points to it.


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