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Medit Identica Light buy a 3D scanner at an affordable price in Moscow and the whole Russian Federation

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Identica Light 3D scanner will help you to solve everyday tasks efficiently and receive 3D-models of objects with minimal expenses of money, time and effort. With daily use, additional convenience is ensured by a fully open platform. The device will be an excellent solution for a dental laboratory and other institutions. The model comes with software that makes scanning easier. It can be used even by a novice user mastering 3D technology. 3D-scanner allows you to receive files of various formats, most often used STL. It is opened and processed by any CAD software. Main advantages The 3D scanner has the following advantages: 

  • Profitability. The device is a modern digital laboratory, which is offered at a reasonable price. 
  • Openness and compatibility. The 3D scanner has an open scanning area, which increases the comfort of work and allows you to solve a wide range of tasks. 
  • Open system. As a result of the scan, an STL file is created, which is completely open for subsequent processing by CAD programs. 
  • Simplicity of the scanning process. The device uses a simple scanning sequence that is easily perceived by the user. 


  • Dimensions of the 3D scanner - 290 × 290 × 340 mm 
  • Dimensions of the scanned area - 80 × 60 × 60 mm 
  • Weight - 16 kg 
  • Light source - LED 
  • Connection Type - USB 3.0 

3D-scanner will help to create high-quality volumetric models that can be adjusted using special software. The devices will help prepare the visualization for subsequent production on a 3D printer.


Manufacturer Medit
Application industries The medicine

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