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Medit Identica T300 to buy a 3D scanner at an affordable price in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation


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The MEDIT Identica T300 3d scanner improves the essential aspects of the scanning process, and the latest software technology allows you to get particularly clear scan data. In order to obtain particularly good quality scan data, the Identica T300 is specially equipped with 2.0 MP dual cameras. In addition, the Identica T300 scanner helps save valuable time and money by minimizing testing and error correction when reconstructing dental restorations. 3D Identica T300 scanner complies with ISO 12836. ISO 12836 defines methods for checking and evaluating the accuracy of digital devices for CAD / CAM - systems in the manufacture of indirect tooth restorations. Benefits of the Identica T300 3D Scanner: 

  • Scanning technology using blue light instead of white provides better scanning accuracy; 
  •  Reasonable cost; 
  •  High scanning accuracy - above 0.007 mm; 
  •  Ultraprecise 2-chamber scanning.



Manufacturer Medit
Application industries The medicine

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