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Medit's precision scanner is primarily focused on dental CAD / CAM systems. Today it is the most progressive, convenient and economical option for building three-dimensional models. Scanning the entire entire arch of the dentition takes about 3-4 minutes. The use of this device in many cases allows you to bypass the stage of creating a model, which allows you to reduce the cost of work due to savings on materials and services of technicians. 

Features of using a three-dimensional scanner 

An important feature of the scanner is its ease of use. Despite the high adaptability of the equipment, any office employee can work with it without special skills. The software that comes with the device saves the data in an open STL file, so in the future you can choose the most convenient program for processing information yourself. Using this scanner simplifies many dental procedures, while maintaining the ability to work with traditional casts. Identica does not violate the usual way of working processes, just make them much more efficient. The advanced technology implemented in Identica allows you to quickly and accurately scan the impression and immediately send the data to the laboratory. If subsequently there still arises the need to make a model, the saved file will allow it to be executed with maximum accuracy. Storage of digitized models is much more convenient than physical. You can always turn to digital data at any convenient time and recreate the exact clinical picture on their basis. High accuracy and scan quality deserve special attention and praise. A model of the dentition with a minimum error you will receive in just a few minutes. Scan data is immediately sent to an open file, so diagnostics can be performed immediately.


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