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RangeVision SMART

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    RangeVision SMART Personal 3D Scanner is the first high-resolution device available on the Russian market. It is easy to operate, versatile and sold at an affordable price. Using the principle of structured illumination allows you to create three-dimensional models, the error of which does not exceed 0.1%, while the level of detail is 0.12 millimeters. Calibration of the 3D scanner is fast enough due to automatic focus and the inability to manually change the parameters of the optical system. Thanks to the 2 cameras, you can combine 3D scans and use markers. Area of ​​use Most often, the device is used in such areas: 

    • Art 
    • Industrial Design 
    • Education 
    • 3D services 
    • Engineering 

    The 3D scanner is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. All that is required to work with it is simply to connect to a computer! The built-in battery allows you to operate autonomously for 60 minutes, so you can perform work even in those conditions when there is no connection to the mains. The delivery includes a hard case. It provides maximum safety when transporting a 3D scanner. In addition, you can purchase an automatic turntable that speeds up and simplifies the process of digitizing the object. As a result of the scan, a file is created that can be immediately printed or corrected using 3DsMax or other programs designed for 3D modeling. A modern 3D scanner will help you fully plunge into the world of 3D technology!


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