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    Today, the Sense 3D scanner is rightfully considered one of the best devices on the market in this class. It allows you to effectively solve a wide range of tasks, quickly and accurately digitizing various objects, animals and humans. The entire scanning process takes seconds. After a few more moments, the scanner will be ready to import the file for three-dimensional printing. Superior functional features and ease of use are the most accurate characteristics of this device from 3D SYSTEMS. This 3D device implements Class I laser with PrimeSense technology, which does not pose a danger to the organs of vision and health in general. Therefore, you can safely use the scanner to create perfectly accurate models of your near and dear ones, as well as pets. Using it is very simple. It is enough to circle the device around the object. Intelligent focusing system recognizes the object of interest, while ignoring the background elements. The intuitive interface and software that comes with the device make it easy to work with PLY and STL files. 

    Scope of application 

    The excellent operational advantages of this scanner have been appreciated by users in various fields of activity. Today, this device is actively used by lovers of 3D modeling at home. It is even more in demand in the following industries: 

    • the medicine. High-precision data obtained as a result of 3D scanning form an objective clinical picture and
    • allow you to choose the optimal treatment option; 
    • the science; 
    • education; 
    • construction; 
    • preservation of cultural heritage, 
    • industrial production and so on. 

    Without this unique device, it is almost impossible to do with designers, architects, designers and researchers in various fields.


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