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Buy 3D printer Builder Dual-Feed Red at an affordable price in Moscow and throughout Russia

  • Purpose : Professional
  • Print material : PLA
  • Print technology : FDM, FFF
  • Construction area 385x370x400 mm

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Builder Dual-Feed

Create Beautiful Gradients with this Amazing Color Mixing 3D Printer

First color blending FDM 3d printer. This spectacular machine can print with two different filament types and either alternate colors like a traditional dual extruder would, or it can actually blend the two colors together and create amazing gradients through a single nozzle.

This. Changes. Everything!

Using Builder's proprietary Color Mixing Tool, designers can mix two colors together at whatever ratio they want, blending the two into a beautiful gradient object. Just upload your G-code, adjust the sliders, and export the new color-mixed G-code.


State Netherlands
Purpose Professional
Application industries Automotive, Engineering, Other, Prototyping
Print material PLA
Print technology FDM, FFF
Platform Glass bed, option heated bed
Dimensions 210x220x164 mm; 15 kg
Construction area 385x370x400 mm

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