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3D printer 2CREATE

  • Purpose: Industrial
  • Print technology: PBF
  • Print material: Metal
  • Manufacturer: 2oneLab
  • Service maintenance

2CREATE is an industry-leading metal 3D printer designed specifically for the production of small to medium sized parts. Whether you need to fabricate implants or industrial parts, or want more flexibility in R&D, 2CREATE can handle these challenges cost-effectively, efficiently and with quality. This open platform 3D printer allows you to use third-party powders, giving you the ability to produce a wide variety of parts at no additional cost.

 Benefits of 2CREATE 3D printer

  • Economic efficiency

  • High quality

  • Compatibility with powders from other manufacturers

Applications for this printer:

Dentistry. Research laboratories. 

System Features

The 2CREATE 3D printer is significantly ahead of its competitors in terms of printing speed, which makes it extremely attractive to users. Thanks to the transparent Gcode print file format, the 3D printing process is simple and straightforward. The coater only rotates in one direction, minimizing time losses.

When rotating, the coating device picks up a new portion of the powder directly during the operation of the laser. This is another way to save time and money for users of this 3D printer. Once the process is complete, new powder can be applied to the build platform immediately to allow users to move on to the next task.

Flexibility through the open platform principle

Unlike its competitors, 2CREATE gives users the option to use third party powders. Thanks to this, users get one machine that allows them to work with various forms of additive manufacturing. It also allows you to change the spot size and laser power on the fly.


2OneLab is proud to introduce the new 2Build CAM software, the latest and most innovative print data preparation tool and solution for all your 3D printing needs. The strategy editor allows you to sel ect the right strategy for your powder fr om a large library of process parameters.

Parameter development function

The CAM 2Build software has been created to assist the user in developing process parameters for new types of powders. It simplifies the process from start to finish on its own by automatically generating test patterns and defining test parameters for the patterns. Analysis of the results is carried out automatically on the basis of microphotographs. At the end, the program calculates the ideal parameter sets for the powder under study.

Printer Specifications:


Powder sintering

Machine dimensions

720 x 860 x 1790 mm, 450 kg

Build chamber dimensions

110 x 110 mm

Tank volume

110 x 200 mm

laser generator

Fiber laser 250W

precision optics

F-Theta lens

Power supply

230 V / 1 - 50 / 60 Hz

inert gas

Nitrogen, argon


Part parameters:


Max. detail size

100 x 100 mm

Standard Layer Height

20 µm - 40 µm (adjustable)


Steel, cobalt-chromium, titanium, aluminum, Inconel




Preparing for printing


Data files




State Germany
Purpose Industrial
Manufacturer 2oneLab
Application industries Automotive, Aviation and space, Clothing design, Engineering, Metallurgical industry, Other, The medicine
Case colour Gray black
Layer thickness 20-40 µm
Print material Metal
Print technology PBF
Dimensions 720 х 860 х 1790 mm
Lasers power 250 W


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