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Eplus 3D EP-A350 3D printer

  • Purpose: Industrial
  • Construction area: 350x350x300 mm
  • Print technology: SLA
  • Print material: Photopolymer
  • Manufacturer: EPlus 3D
  • Service maintenance

Introducing the Eplus 3D® EP-A350 stereolithography (SLA) technology with a print area of ​​350 x 350 x 300mm.

The 3D printer, which has a relatively small size combined with a low cost, is an affordable solution for experienced design offices, research institutes, small innovative enterprises and start-ups. The equipment features high stability, excellent printing quality, and is suitable for making test samples, prototypes, complex master and burnout models for investment casting, orthodontic and surgical models and templates, functional parts, body products, etc. 

The EP-A350 3D printer is a state-of-the-art industrial 3D printer with SLA technology. The technology of laser stereolithography is based on the polymerization of a photopolymer composition (PPC) by ultraviolet radiation. Using this technology, a computer-designed three-dimensional object is grown from liquid PPC in successive thin layers formed under the action of laser radiation on a moving platform immersed in a polymer bath.

System Benefits

  • High printing accuracy is ensured by an automated high-precision optical calibration system that eliminates the influence of the human factor.

  • The use of the patented technology for changing the diameter of the laser beam VarioBeam increases the productivity of the equipment. A large diameter laser beam is used to scan the filling of a part, while a focused laser beam with a smaller beam diameter is used to pass the contour and guarantee the fidelity of the part, as well as the full reproduction of the features and structure of its surface.

  • Automatic maintenance of the level of liquid photopolymer in the bath with a deviation of ± 0.01 mm allows you to get high-quality details in height.

  • Automatic calibration of laser radiation power.

  • Wide choice of materials. The Somos range of materials for SLA printers allows you to choose a material with the necessary properties.

  • Material saving. The unused material remains inside the bath, resulting in high material efficiency with minimal wastage.

  • Open system. The ability to edit general parameters allows the user to use third party photosensitive resins.

Areas of use

  • Aerospace

  • Design, advertising and marketing

  • Automotive

  • Fast Protyping

  • Dental industry

  • Casting models

  • Consumer Goods


The interface of the EP Resin software is simple and easy to use and is specially adapted to manage the operation of Eplus 3D SLA printers with the ability to flexibly configure the parameters of the printing process. 

Print materials 

Materials differ in mechanical properties. From these materials it is possible to create both strong products and translucent parts for testing and transparent prototypes. 

  • Somos GP Plus 14122 white opaque material similar to ABS and PBT. It is used for the manufacture of products in the automotive and aerospace industries, and can also be used in biomedicine and dentistry.

  • Somos WaterShed XC 11122 is a transparent, colorless ABS-like material for obtaining transparent products (plafonds, viewing windows, test benches, concept mock-ups, etc.).

  • Somos PerFORM is a white material with high temperature resistance and rigidity. The material is suitable for a variety of applications including instrumentation, wind tunnel testing, high temperature testing, electrical enclosures, and automotive enclosures.

  • White SH8900 material with good surface quality and ductility. It is used to obtain tactile samples and functional details.

  • Other commercially available photopolymers that polymerize when exposed to laser radiation at a wavelength of 355 nm.

Detail examples

Molding plastic into silicone

Master models

Details made of transparent material


Rapid Prototyping



Dental models

Products of complex shape, bionic designs

Composite products



direct 3D printing of details by means of laser stereolithography, based on polymerization by laser radiation of a photopolymer composition

Build Working Area Size (L x W x D)

350 x 350 x 300 mm 


±0.1 mm (for part size L < 100 mm)

±0.1% x L (for part size L ≥ 100 mm)

Building layer thickness range

50 - 250 µm

Laser type 

diode-pumped solid-state laser


355 nm

Laser power

up to 3 W

Scanning system

galvanometric scanner system

Scan speed

up to 12 m/s

Focus of the laser beam 

0.08 - 0.8 mm (VarioBeam module)


EP-Resin, Materialize Magics or similar

Data format 


Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz, single phase

Power consumption

2 kW

Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity

˂ 40%

Equipment dimensions (W x D x H) without packaging

1100 × 950 × 1640 mm


550 kg


State China
Purpose Industrial
Manufacturer EPlus 3D
Application industries Automotive, Aviation and space, Clothing design, Jewelry industry, Other, Prototyping
Case colour White gray
Construction area 350x350x300 mm
Layer thickness 50-250 µm
Print material Photopolymer
Print technology SLA
Dimensions 1100 × 950 × 1640 mm


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