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Farsoon FS273 Dual 3D printer

  • Purpose: Industrial
  • Construction area: 275x275x365 mm
  • Print technology: SLM
  • Print material: Metal
  • Manufacturer: Farsoon
  • Scan speed: 10 m/s
  • Service maintenance

We present you the Farsoon FS273 Dual metal 3D printing system using selective laser fusion (SLM) technology from the global manufacturer Farsoon (China) with a working area of ​​​​275 x 275 x 355 mm.  

Features of the FS273M Dual system

The FS273M, with its larger print area and powder feed tank, offers optimized metal additive manufacturing with the widest range of materials.


FS273M is a high performance industrial manufacturing platform. The advanced optical system, robust control and truly open parameters provide the user with unparalleled freedom in additive manufacturing. The FS273M can create highly detailed and functional parts while maintaining a competitive cost advantage. The compact design of the machine allows for a denser and more flexible plant layout.

Ease of operation and maintenance

The FS273M has an integrated long life filtration system allowing longer runtime for longer builds and lower filter replacement cost. Numerous additional features such as a pre-heated base plate, recoat control, removable excess material tanks, larger material supply tank and many more provide even greater ease of use and maintenance.

Software from the equipment manufacturer - meets all the requirements of the most advanced user, with the maximum number of settings and functions, while remaining quite easy to use.

Areas of use

  • Aerospace

  • Defense industry

  • mechanical engineering

  • Automotive

  • Instrumentation

  • Manufacture of engines or their components

  • Manufacturing of medical equipment

  • Individual Implants for Patients

  • Cooling systems

  • Jewelry and art

Available Print Materials

  • FS Ti6Al4V - titanium powder

  • FS AlSi10Mg - aluminum powder

  • FS In625 - Inconel 625

  • FS In718 - Inconel 718

  • FS 17-4PH - stainless steel 17-4PH

  • FS 316L - stainless steel 316L

  • FS CoCrMo – cobaltchromium CoCrFMo, CoCrMoW

  • FS Maraging Steel - maraging steel 30

  • HX, FS 15-5PH, FS 18Ni300, FS GH3536, FS CuSn10, tungsten*, tantalum*

Open system

The Farsoon FS273 Dual system is open - the customer can experiment with his own materials, domestic powders from third-party manufacturers.

Open system settings allow you to adjust the following parameters:

  • Laser power (in the range from 0% to 100% of the rated power). You can set different values ​​for the bottom and top surfaces, as well as the inner padding;

  • The speed of scanning (the movement of the laser beam over the surface of the powder layer), or the transition between sections of the trajectory without fusion;

  • Distance between ray path vectors;

  • The strategy for constructing the trajectory (distances and directions of the motion vectors of the laser beam). It is possible to set different strategies for each layer, as well as for different models located on the same platform, for different parts of the same model (shell and core) and for supports. You can set an arbitrary form of internal filling of models;

  • Parameters for applying a layer of powder (layer thickness, speed of the recoater, roller rotation speed, degree of compaction of the powder by the roller and press, displacement of the build platform and feed piston during layer application, number of iterations of leveling and compacting the material);

  • Beam diameter compensation;

  • Synchronization parameters of the laser source and the beam guidance system;

  • Angle between scan vectors of even and odd layers;

FS273M Dual 3D Printer Specifications


direct 3D construction of metal parts by selective laser fusion of metal powders (metal-powder compositions)

Construction working area size (W x D x H)

Max. 275 mm x max. 275 mm x max. 355mm (not including build platform height 40mm) 

Laser type 

fiber laser

Number of lasers


Laser power

500 watts

Focus of the laser beam 

Approx. 90um

Heated build platform

250 degrees Celsius

Calibration scan area

High-precision 2-axis scanning system with f-theta lens

Power supply

EUR/China: 380-400 V, 50/60 Hz, three-phase.

Main unit dimensions (W x D x H) without packaging

2315×1425×2100 mm

Net weight of main unit

no more than 2200 kg


State China
Purpose Industrial
Manufacturer Farsoon
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Architecture, Automotive, Aviation and space, Education, Jewelry industry, Metallurgical industry, Other
Case colour White gray
Construction area 275x275x365 mm
Layer thickness 20 - 100 µm
Print material Metal
Print technology SLM
Warranty 12 month
Dimensions 2315×1425×2100 mm
Scan speed 10 m/s


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