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  • Purpose: Industrial
  • Construction area: 100x100x150 mm
  • Print technology: SLA
  • Print material: Ceramics
  • Manufacturer: 3DCERAM
  • Service maintenance

Ceramaker 101 EASY FAB is the result of 15 years of experience of the French company in the field of ceramic printing. The equipment is designed for prototyping and promoting innovation. The machine reduces the time of development and introduction of new products, allows you to establish serial production of parts. C101 EASY LAB is focused on research centers and universities to develop their own ceramic materials.

Printer Features

The C101 EASY FAB is a compact and convenient 3D ceramic machine that has open printing options for the production of objects. It takes no more than 30 minutes to start manufacturing the part, including loading the material and setting it up. Lightweight and mobile, this versatile unit will complement the production of any scale. It is ideally suited for the development of prototypes with the prospect of transferring to industrial production volumes. Ceramic 3D-printed products have the same properties as samples made in the usual way – by molding, machining and isostatic pressing.

The modification is actively involved in the aircraft manufacturing sector, the chemical industry, the medical sector, jewelry and watchmaking. The equipment is equipped with modules of different sizes, which makes it possible to optimize the consumption of materials during printing.

The device uses laser stereolithography technology. The method involves growing objects from the bottom up. That is, after printing the layer, the table is lowered, and the next one is formed . The method guarantees the predicted shrinkage of the models during sintering. This gives an advantage in the accuracy, detail, and quality of the items.

The cartridge is filled with ceramic paste before starting the printer or filled during printing. Cleaning of parts is possible in manual or automatic mode, and mechanical processing is allowed at any stage of production.

The technology of non-contact supports makes it possible to create objects with high surface quality, with a roughness of no more than 2 micrometers.

Ceramaker 100 EASY FAB has a set of useful performance characteristics:

control of the use of ceramic powder;
option to supply a small dose of consumable raw materials;
easy scaling of the product manufacturing process with the C3600 modification (600x600x300 mm);
building models without additional support material;
accessibility of use by persons with disabilities
The open system and the most user-friendly interface allow you to quickly adapt the machine to individual requirements.

The components manufactured on C-101-EASY-FAB have better sintering uniformity, higher density, good impact resistance of the finished part, and precise size matching.


The printer has support for Free Link, a proprietary technology developed by 3DCeram to perform 3D printing. Models can be made without the use of contact support structures, which helps to ensure the best quality of prints.

There is also a SAM (small amount of material) option that allows you to run a quick print run with just 100 ml of ceramic material.

Resources used

3DCeram has created its own portfolio of ceramic pastes for the C100 EASY series of devices:

  • Zirconium dioxide ZrO2 is a material characterized by consistently high performance regardless of temperature. The composition is characterized by a low electrical conductivity at 20-25oC. When heated to 1000 ° C, the substance becomes an electrical conductor. Products made of this material are distinguished by their hardness, wear resistance, chemical inertia, and ease of staining.
  • Silicon nitride Si3N4 is the most durable and stable ceramic composition, resistant to corrosion processes, heat shock and wear.
  • Aluminum oxide Al2O3 is a ceramic that is in demand in various industrial areas. At elevated temperatures, it is characterized by strength and moderate conductivity.

The technical characteristics of innovative materials contribute to the stable production of products. The quality of branded ceramic pastes meets the most stringent criteria of the industry.


State France
Purpose Industrial
Manufacturer 3DCERAM
Application industries Automotive, Aviation and space, Dentistry, Engineering, Interior Design, Other, Prototyping, The medicine
Construction area 100x100x150 mm
Layer thickness 10-150 µm
Print material Ceramics
Print technology SLA
Dimensions 940x1060x1826 mm; 750 kg

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